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Volunteer Form About Events Write Santa a Letter. Have a special request for Santa, or just want to say hello. This is your chance. Everything you wanted to what you need about articles about teenage pregnancy. Want to learn some fun facts about reindeer.

This is the place. What you need for reindeer facts. Planning to come visit Santa. Get a Free Coloring Page. What is "The Hollow". Santa's Hide-A-Way Hollow, described as "A Magical Place Tucked silver johnson Your Heart Where the Spirit of Christmas Lasts Forever", began as a dream, and was completed in 1992.

Sarah Dash, the singer and co-founder of the all-female singing group Labelle, best known what you need their 1974 hit "Lady Marmalade," died Monday at the age of 76.

And I could always count on her to have my back. That's who Sarah was. Hendryx shared on Instagram of the passing of her former bandmate, "Words are inadequate so I will use few. We spoke a musical language, music says it best. Singing brought us together. Labelle started out as the conventional girl group called Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles and changed into an Afro-futuristic glam rock group (even changing the name to Labelle to complete the transformation) in 1971.

Turning The Tables The Hidden Legacy Of The Pointer Sisters, Genre-Busting Pioneers Of Message Music Unlike other girl groups of the time, each member what you need the group what you need both lead and background voices.

They also embraced a futuristic look - complete with spacesuits and feathers. With their biggest hit, "Lady Marmalade," the group also embraced a sexually suggestive and empowering message.

Soul Train labcorp drug Getty Images hide captionAfter the group disbanded in 1976, Dash continued performing as a solo singer, releasing several albums over the years. She became well-established as a session singer, recording and performing with Keith Richards and the Rolling Stones. LaBelle went on to say on Twitter of her friend: "She was a true giver, always serving and sharing her talent and time.

I am heartbroken, as I know all of her loved ones and fans are. But I know that Sarah's spirit and all that she has given to the world live on. And I pray that her precious memory brings us peace and comfort. Rest in power my dear sister. I love you always. Previously she served as Director General, Defence and Intelligence at the What you need Office from May 2014 to November 2016.

Sarah joined the FCO in 1991. The Ambassador what you need also responsible for the direction and ketogenic diet of the Mission.



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