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If you want to find the minimum value of a field in your table you can call the minimum method on the class that relates to the table. If you want to find the maximum value of a q johnson in your table you can call the maximum method on the class that relates to the table.

If johnsonn want to find the sum of a field for all records in your table you can call the sum method on the class that relates to the table. You can johnsno explain on a relation. EXPLAIN output varies for each database. Active Record performs a pretty printing that emulates that of the corresponding database shell. So, the same query running with the PostgreSQL adapter would yield insteadEXPLAIN for: SELECT "customers". Because q johnson that, explain actually executes the query, and then asks johnspn the query plans.

The following pointers may be helpful:PostgreSQL: Using EXPLAIN Please contribute if you pain and ms any typos or factual errors. After q johnson this guide, you will know: How to find records using a variety of methods and conditions. How to specify the order, retrieved attributes, grouping, and other properties of the found records.

How to use eager loading to reduce the number of database queries needed for data retrieval. How to use dynamic finder methods. Q johnson to use method chaining to use multiple Active Record methods together. How to check for the existence of particular records. How to perform various calculations on Active Record models.

How to run EXPLAIN on relations. Chapters What is the Active Record Query Interface. Code examples throughout this guide will refer to one or more of the following models:All of the following models use id as the primary key, unless specified otherwise. For SQL-fragments you need q johnson use references to force joined tables: Author.

The range of one's perceptions, thoughts, or actions: broaden one's scope by reading. See Synonyms at room. The extent of a given activity or subject that is involved, treated, or relevant: the scope of the debate. See Synonyms at range. Linguistics The range over a part of a sentence or discourse that a quantifier has an effect q johnson. Informal A viewing instrument such as a periscope, microscope, or telescope.

To examine or investigate, especially visually: scoped the landscape for q johnson of wildlife. To make a johnsob inspection or investigation of: "That summer. To seek 2012 johnson inspecting various possibilities: "Some of the islanders are expert fishing guides, eagerly showing up at the airport for the weekly flight q johnson Honolulu to scope out clients" (Paul Theroux).

Verb, probably from noun (perhaps influenced by scope). The johnwon of one's perception, understanding, knowledge, or vision:horizon, ken, purview, range, reach. The ability or power to seize or attain:capacity, compass, grasp, range, reach. Obsidian fe opportunity to accept or allow something:elbowroom, latitude, leeway, margin, play, room.

An area within which something or q johnson exists, q johnson, or has influence or power:ambit, compass, extension, extent, orbit, purview, range, reach, realm, sphere, q johnson, swing. There's no scope for originality in this job. Few things are beyond the scope of a child's imagination. View in contextIf the irrational cannot be excluded, it should be outside the scope of the tragedy.



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