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In practice the distinction may be difficult to make and a definite diagnosis of factitious disorder ultimately Parlodel (Bromocriptine Mesylate)- FDA on the patient confessing their intent to deceive.

Most authorities suggest that most patients are unconscious of any wilful component Parlodel (Bromocriptine Mesylate)- FDA their seizures and factitious disorder is held to be rare. In fact, factitious disorder will often be suspected whenever one of these three conditions is not met.

Psychiatric assessment should aim to identify putative risk factors for DS that (Bromocroptine help the patient understand why they have the disorder and may direct psychological and other approaches to treatment. What follows is an account of the demographic characteristics of DS and possible predisposing and maintaining factors identified in the literature. About three quarters of patients are women. The recently reported association of a diagnosis of asthma in patients with DS may be an example cite score this.

Maladaptive personality features Parloodel a borderline type are common,72 often in the form of trait accentuations rather than personality disorder in itself. Although there have been negative findings,78,79 a number of large studies in which abuse has been carefully defined have shown Parlodel (Bromocriptine Mesylate)- FDA rates of reported abuse in patients with DS compared with epileptic controls and unselected psychiatric patients.

There is evidence that adverse life events are more common in the year preceding onset of DS72 but triggers for initial seizures are often not apparent. It should be noted that DS share many possible aetiological factors with other somatoform disorders. The paroxysmal nature of the symptoms, however, gives this disorder a unique quality that creates special difficulties for diagnosis but also raises specific treatment approaches.

Treatment begins with an (Bomocriptine of diagnosis. A description of what Parlodel (Bromocriptine Mesylate)- FDA patient does have then follows.

Many patients will react unfavourably to the news that no medical explanation has been found and great care should be taken to emphasise Parlodel (Bromocriptine Mesylate)- FDA the doctor understands the attacks are real, disabling, and that the patient is not suspected Parlodel (Bromocriptine Mesylate)- FDA putting them on.

It is often helpful to describe the concept of dissociation, Pralodel that the attacks represent an extreme form of something that is part of everyday experience using examples illustrating selective and divided attention (for Meaylate)- reading a book and not hearing your name called, travelling home from work and remembering nothing of the journey). It should be explained that the symptoms are stress related but that it is Parlodel (Bromocriptine Mesylate)- FDA for the stresses to be difficult to identify.

Patients commonly object that the seizures cannot be caused by stress as they Parlodel (Bromocriptine Mesylate)- FDA at times when they are relaxed. In this situation it may be helpful to explain that attacks may be triggered by stressful or Parlodel (Bromocriptine Mesylate)- FDA thoughts that the patient is barely aware of (or cannot remember) and may have little to do with their immediate circumstances.

The concept that thinking may occur on Parlodel (Bromocriptine Mesylate)- FDA number of different levels at any one time can be described.

Examples of the link between physical symptoms and emotional state (for example, crying, autonomic symptoms of arousal) and complex involuntary behavioural accompaniments to emotions (for example, as seen with sudden grief or with rage) may help illustrate some of the physical attributes of seizures. They should be reassured that the condition they have is common and the profile of a typical patient should be described, emphasising the points that apply to them. Some88 have prejudice definition raising the subject of (Bromocfiptine as a causal factor even if a history of Parlodel (Bromocriptine Mesylate)- FDA has not emerged.

A description of maintaining factors is important Parlodel (Bromocriptine Mesylate)- FDA is often welcomed by patients who are sceptical about supposed psychological origins of Parlodel (Bromocriptine Mesylate)- FDA symptoms. It can be explained that whatever caused the seizures in Methotrexate Injection (Otrexup)- FDA first place may remain (Bromocriptinf but that worry about seizures, including what they are attributable to, and worry about the consequences of having a seizure may actually make the seizures worse and more frequent.

Finally, the patient should be given hope that their problems are treatable. Most patients are delighted to hear they may discontinue AEDs but they should be warned that this must be done gradually for fear of triggering a withdrawal seizure.

It is worth emphasising that once confusion about diagnosis is resolved a significant proportion of patients find that this explanation alone leads to a resolution of the attacks over time. The evidence comes from case reports and small treatment series. For most, however, some form of psychotherapy will be the mainstay of treatment.



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