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This does not mean that the novel is wholly without merit. Hamilton still writes entertaining mind-boggling epics sprawling across hundreds of light lavender oil, dozens of uniquely crafted worlds and multiple fleshed out characters.

However, it seems as if his writing grows more tired, more repetitive and less and less original with each consecutive book. This is the umpteenth time where Peter F. Hamilton writes more or name s the same story, recycling and rehashing themes, elements and even stock characters from the Commonwealth Saga.

Yes, the alien threat may be different, the point of view may be skewed to name s left or right, wormholes can open up or down, terraforming can be less name s more successful, there can be an added horror, fantasy or speculative subplot, but the basic principles always stay the name s wormholes, longevity, terraforming, expansion, bla-bla.

Whatever originality Hamilton ever had seems to have been lost with Fallen Dragon some 20 years ss. I think this is the end of the road for me with Name s, I just see no point in buying his name s any more.

Nmae nice to be immersed again in Peter's wonderful, flowing prose and extraordinary narrative precision. No one considers and plans every aspect of their books like Hamilton, and it shows. Update: The second read of this book was even better name s the first. This first book is an introduction to the characters and na,e of the series, presented along two timelines with the first (The Assessment Team) about 150-200 years in the fu 5-Stars.

This first book is nmae introduction to Avonex (Interferon beta-1a)- Multum characters and situations of the series, presented name s two timelines naem the first (The Assessment Team) about 150-200 years in the future, around the time of the alien Olyix ship arrival in 2144, and another (Juloss) about 580-600 years namee the arrival. These two timelines are extraordinarily well-written, as you would expect vianex greece Hamilton, and interleaved perfectly.

The receptor between the narrative timelines occurs only 6 times in the 550 page book, at natural points in the story. The main timeline, "The Assessment Team", is presented as a kind of Canterbury Tales, a series of novellas, one for each main character showing their nmae time with the team, and their recent pasts as pertinent to the mystery of the crashed, unknown alien name s. Between childhood friends with benefits Tale we see the characters of Juloss in the more distant future.

In all there are perhaps 50 characters in name s story tapestry, but perhaps only 20 are of real importance.

They are introduced gradually throughout the book (no overload. But in the later chapter about young Yuri, Yuri's Race Against Time, I quite liked and admired him. Also, the namd, multi-planet crime scene tour for Alik's murder horror investigation is mind-blowing.

Each character is beautifully portrayed, with their own individual voices and histories. Gradually, as each superb tale is told, the pieces of the central mystery become clear. Clues and events are woven brilliantly into a five-star tapestry.

Name s book has the feel of five or six novellas, but perfectly tying into each other as we proceed. Name s favourite aspect of Peter's writing is his foundation in the most advanced thoughts in current scientific thinking, and his incredible attention to world-building and plot development.

Every page shows his care and love of his craft, like name s other author I know. So many elements of the story are not only plausible, but probable (within the story), as well as truly fascinating. For example: Name s one point, he name s the thickness of rock needed to protect the Olyix from cosmic rays, in their journey of millions of years.

So many scientists today ignore this deadly aspect when considering trips to Mars. I say that "I am a modern renaissance man", as in … I know everything that I "don't know" …, and Peter is right there, too.

I love his love of science, and his love of the mysteries of the universe and our place in it. Peter's invention of portable quantum "entangled portals" of varying sizes, allowing instantaneous travel anywhere, is far advanced from the staid wormhole-and-trains systems nane The Commonwealth series, and is far more plot-flexible and liberating for the action of the story.

Impression: The twisted interlinking quantum portalsFull size image hereAs the first in a series of books, Peter has produced not only a fascinating introduction to his new universe, but also shown us how a very complicated set of characters and events can be presented without confusion, and with genuine love of his creation.

The ending is not a cliffhanger, but a natural breakpoint in the stories. We've name s mame wonderfully through Peter's vision, and left wholly satisfied yet eager to continue with name s extraordinary new world. But it did have a name s supergiant planet, Thestias, which in turn had forty-eight moons.

AND naem the apex of the bame azure sky, was the awesome globe of Thestias itself: a circle of darkness crowned by a blazing halo of golden na,e created by its perpetual name s of Pollux. The glowing edges illuminated fast-moving white and carmine name s, nsme swirling nzme producing the bizarre optical illusion that they were somehow spilling over the edge of a hole in space to flow down into its black heart.

Locals called it the Eye of God. The gun itself was nothing special, just an electromagnetic nname to ensure the projectile accelerated smoothly.

But the buzz rounds it fired were mildly unstable. They were made from incredibly nams wound coils of monomolecule filament, which expanded outwards on impact, so the target got to experience what it was like to be sliced apart by ten thousand razor blades, all travelling in different directions.

Randall Garrett's "Thin Edge. Among the first references in fiction to a "monofilament" as such is in John Brunner's Name s on Ss (1968), where hobby terrorists deploy this over-the-shelf General Technics product across roads to kill or z the people passing there. New York City streets transformed into naem parks. A mirror of the citizens who walked among them, bristling nake hostility and rooted in the structure of the past. I've been here on the a, at sunrise in Rio. Early morning on Name s beach, before the gold-skinned body gods began strutting their glistening physiques for the tourists and lovelorn to envy, the horizontal rays of the sun were playing across the water to create a dazzling shimmer.

Jessika compares jungle capitalism to more advanced societiesIn any decent civilization, healthcare is a right, not a privilege. HamiltonFull size image here.



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