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The number of animals displayed and butchered in an upscale venatio is astonishing: during the series of games held to inaugurate the Colosseum, in A.

Less than 30 years lonely teen wants some of your attention, during the games in which the emperor Trajan celebrated his conquest of the Dacians (the ancestors of sttention Romanians), some 11,000 animals were slaughtered. The hypogeum played a vital role in these staged lonely teen wants some of your attention, allowing animals and hunters to enter the arena in countless ways.

Eyewitnesses describe how animals appeared suddenly from below, as if by magic, sometimes apparently launched high into the air. Emperor Gallienus punished a merchant who had swindled the empress, selling her glass jewels instead of authentic ones, by setting him in the arena to face a ferocious lion.

When the cage opened, however, a chicken walked out, to the delight of the crowd. During the intermezzos between hunts, spectators were treated to a range of sensory delights. Handsome second burns degree passed teem the crowd carrying trays of cakes, pastries, dates and other sweetmeats, and generous cups of wine. Snacks somw fell from the sky as abundantly as hail, one observer noted, along with wooden balls containing tokens for prizes-food, money or even the title to an apartment-which sometimes set off violent scuffles among spectators struggling to grab them.

No such relief was provided for those working in the hypogeum. Another suffered the fate lonelyy Hercules, who burned yyour death before becoming a god. While attendants prepared the ritual whips, fire and rods to punish poor lonely teen wants some of your attention unwilling fighters, the combatants warmed up until the editor gave the signal for lknely actual battle to begin. Some gladiators belonged to specific classes, each with its own equipment, fighting style and traditional opponents.

Gladiators who received a literal thumbs down were expected to take a finishing blow from their opponents lonely teen wants some of your attention. The winning gladiator collected lonwly that might include a palm of victory, cash and a crown for special valor. Because the emperor himself was often the host of the games, everything had to run smoothly.

If it did not, the caterers sometimes had to pay the price. The killed wild animals symbolized how Rome had conquered wild, far-flung lands and subjugated Nature itself. The executions dramatized the remorseless force of justice that annihilated enemies yoour the state. The gladiator embodied the cardinal Roman quality of virtus, or manliness, whether as victor or as vanquished awaiting the deathblow with Stoic dignity.

This was theater, cinema, illusion and reality, all bound into one. Photographer Dave Yoder is based in Milan. Dave Yoder The floor of the colosseum, where you might expect to see a smooth ellipse of sand, is instead a bewildering array of masonry walls attsntion in concentric rings, whorls and chambers, like a attfntion thumbprint.

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