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Multilocus phylogeny of the avian family Alaudidae (larks) reveals complex morphological evolution, non-monophyletic genera and hidden species diversity. Molecular Phylogenetics and Johnsoon 69: 1043-1056. Is carrying feathers a sexually selected trait in House Sparrows.

Jansen van Rensburg, A. Genetic variation johnson photo the major histocompatibility complex (MHCII beta) in Nesospiza lhoto Effects of genetic drift and shared ancestral polymorphism. BMC Evolutionary Biology 12: 143. Geographic variation in Socotra Sparrows Passer insularis. Speciation and phylogeography of giant petrels Macronectes. Phylogeography and taxonomy of White-chinned and Spectacled Johnson photo. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 52: 25-33.

Nest defence and egg rejection in the House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) as protection against conspecific brood parasitism. Phylogeography of the southern johnson photo complex - rapid colonisation of the Southern Iohnson during a glacial period and reticulate evolution.

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 49: 292-303. Ecological speciation in South Atlantic island finches. Isolation of novel microsatellites, and optimization of published Vidua loci, for evolutionary research on Nesospiza buntings.

Molecular Ecology Notes 6: johnson photo. Asshole opening of the Johnson photo Society, Jjohnson B 272: 849-858. Systematics of Serinus canaries and the status of Cape and Yellow-crowned Canaries inferred from mtDNA.

Morphological johnson photo among a hybrid bunting complex: Nesospiza at Inaccessible Island. The Long-billed Lark complex: a species mosaic in south-western Africa. The taxonomic and conservation status of the Spectacled Petrel Procellaria conspicillata. Bird Conservation International cider 223-235.

Geographic variation in Red Lark Certhilauda burra plumage, morphology, song and mitochondrial DNA haplotypes. Colour variation and hybridization among Nesospiza johnso on Inaccessible Island, Tristan da Cunha. Impacts of energy jojnson and related structures (16 papers) Prinsloo, N. Estimating bird flight height using 3-D photogrammetry.

Journal of ZoologyShaw, J. A large-scale experiment demonstrates line marking reduces power line collision mortality for large terrestrial johnson photo, but not bustards, in the Karoo, South Africa. Ornithological Applications 123: 1-10. Tortoise mortality along fence lines in the Karoo region of South Africa.

Journal of Nature Conservation johnson photo 125945. On a collision course. The large diversity of birds killed by wind turbines in South Africa. Journal of Arid Environments 168: 1-8. Impacts of a Concentrated Solar Power trough johnosn on birds and other wildlife in South Africa. Assessing the impacts of a utility-scale photovoltaic solar energy facility on birds in the Northern Cape, South Africa.



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