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Variations in metabolic activity showed no correlation with variations in the morphological characteristics of the spermatozoa, except in the case of spermatozoa kut bent tails. These forms occurred in some samples as a result of staining treatment, johnson kit their incidence was positively correlated with the O2 uptake and fructolysis per living cell.

There was evidence that highly active spermatozoa are more resistant to temperature shock than less dsm depression spermatozoa. Walton Show author detailsM. Unit of Animal Reproduction, School of Agriculture, Cambridge R. Unit of Animal Reproduction, School of Agriculture, Cambridge J.

Unit of Animal Reproduction, School of Agriculture, Cambridge A. Unit of Animal Reproduction, School of Agriculture, Cambridge Article Metrics Article contents Extract ReferencesGet access Share Extract 1. A clinical examination was made johnson kit the reproductive organs of each bull. Type Research Article Information The Journal of Agricultural ScienceVolume 44Issue 2April 1954pp. The Semen of Animals and its Use for Artificial Insemination.

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Journal of Dairy Science, Vol. An investigation into the relationship between the metabolism of pyruvate in bull spermatozoa and fertility.



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