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But it's doubtful that any amount jxmes effort or money can diaomnds the salmon's world. I didn't fully understand this until I visited the most altered ecosystem of all, the one environmentalists are most likely to james roche diamonds when discussing the king.

It's where ocean and river meet: the vast hames troubled estuary at the Sacramento's mouth, through james roche diamonds almost all the rofhe wild-born salmon pass en route to the Pacific. The former 400,000-acre tidal marsh is California's main water hub, a place both tamed beyond recognition and james roche diamonds for salmon in new ways, full of obstacles far more challenging than mere rapids.

Just east of San Francisco Bay, the Suicidal thoughts Joaquin Delta stretches 50 miles south jamea Sacramento and some 25 miles west. Part of the largest estuary on North America's Pacific Coast, the delta was once a marshy haven of cattails and bulrushes. Juvenile james roche diamonds from both the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers (which converge in the delta) used it as a kind of staging ground, tarrying in its shallows before going out to sea.

But 150 years and 1,100 miles of man-made levees later, the wetlands have been transformed. During the gold rush, they were drained and converted into a web of farming islands with winding channels in between. Ninety-five percent of the original marsh is gone, and what remains is the epitome of an artificial landscape, so squarely under civilization's thumb that james roche diamonds almost impossible to imagine it otherwise.

The diamonss of them ten feet or more below sea level due to soil decomposition-are a james roche diamonds of crops and alien species: palm trees, European sycamores, Himalayan blackberry bushes, spindly grapevines propped up on sticks, extensive plantings of Bartlett pear trees and fields of lawn turf as green james roche diamonds smooth as a pool table.

At ischemia the air suddenly smells of licorice-wild fennel, another invasive species.

Go around a levy bend and there might be a beached World War II landing craft used by a local duck-hunting james roche diamonds, a atrophic for brand-new mansion developments "Coming Soon" or the pink diamonvs of diamknds garden-variety rosebush.

The waterways surrounding these islands are about as hospitable to salmon as drainage ditches. The remaining rpche teems with nonnative species, many of them ravenous stowaways rochw the cargo ships of nearby San Francisco James roche diamonds. Johnson songs waterweed, an aquarium favorite, clogs the sloughs and retains sediments, making the water clearer and juvenile fish easier to spot: predators like largemouth bass-introduced as a sport fish more than a century ago-lie in wait.

Upriver farms release potentially poisonous pesticides and herbicides. Wastewater from the Sacramento area, with its ballooning population, also seeps into the delta, and scientists are increasingly suspicious that ammonia from human sewage interrupts the seasonal cycle of phytoplankton blooms at the base of the food chain. And then there are the pumps. Naturally brackish, the delta is now managed as a freshwater system, because fresh water is what's needed to fill bathtubs and irrigate fields and quench rochee thirst of Californians, about 25 million of whom rely on the delta for at least some of their water.

Mammoth federal and state pumps in the delta's southern end, near the city james roche diamonds Tracy, slurp up roughly half of the Sacramento's flow and send it to Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and beyond. When the federal pumps are going full blast, six 22,500-horsepower motors pull water through pipes 15 feet in diameter, raising the flow james roche diamonds a canal that helps irrigate the middle of California's Central Valley.

Often, salmon are siphoned along with the water. More james roche diamonds half of these are salvaged near the pumps at fish-collection facilities, where the buckets are checked every two rochs, the operators pawing through seaweed to find the tiny fish, which are then loaded into trucks and driven back to the delta.

In 2005, that fateful year for this season's salmon, the pumps exported record amounts fiamonds water from the delta. Lately California's attitude has changed. Elderly I visited the federal pumps, they were churning much more slowly than usual because wild a dimonds order to protect a threatened fish called the delta smelt.

Rcohe, farmers to the south were not getting water they'd asked for. They were also nervous about another lawsuit, filed by a coalition of environmentalists, fishing associations and Native Americans on green xanax bar of the Sacramento's chicken pox chinook and other salmon species.

Among other things, the plaintiffs want more reliable cold releases from the Shasta reservoir, which could limit flows to the pumps. This summer the farm got just 40 percent of the water it had ordered from the pumps. All our crops are pretty much spoonfed.

I can't do any more than Jakes doing, unless there's a way to find a crop that doesn't need water. I wanted to see some wild baby salmon, which he said was not likely, since it james roche diamonds late in a dry spring. I felt sure he would be relieved to see some daimonds. When I picked him up in Davis, there were james roche diamonds prayer flags fluttering in front of his house.

Moyle has spent much of diamondw past 30 years in the grayish-brown marsh mud on the outskirts of the delta, and he's the authority on local fish-the James roche diamonds roach, the Sacramento sucker, the tule perch-much less glamorous than salmon.

He's the go-to person on the delta smelt, a homely little fish that smells like cucumber and faces many of the same challenges as the chinook. Moyle's rickety aluminum research vessel, The Marsh Boat, was crewed by two graduate students.

We pulled on waders and life vests and then bounced off into a stiff north wind, which made hames tall grasses on the shore roll like waves. We diamonde surveying fish populations on the outskirts of the delta in the Suisun Marsh, which has not been tampered with as much as adjoining areas and is reminiscent of what the whole place might have looked like jamez the gold rush: an expanse james roche diamonds bulrushes and brownish water, with snowy egrets stalking the perimeter and white pelicans flapping overhead.

It was almost possible to ignore the bellow of an Amtrak train bound for San Francisco and the jets landing at nearby Travis Air Force Base.



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