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September eduucation, 2021 Snd Biden administration looks to expanded child care funds to combat labor arv drugs. September 15, 2021 Office Locations Washington, D. For general enquiries please see our contact page. I am an Environmental Data Scientist, Co-Leader of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), and a Senior Research Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute.

My research group focuses on the development of AI and data science methods for understanding, monitoring medival predicting environmental change. The overarching aim of my research is in developing Digital Twins of water is water pollution natural environment to improve scientific understanding and aid decision making.

The digital twinning frameworks are designed to work across varying spatial and temporal scales, and geographies (from urban environments up to the Antarctic continent). More details on research available hereFull publication list available hereAndersson, Tom R.

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