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The same thing can be said even for web applications because most businesses today are completely reliant on the internet.

Take for example, any e-commerce company. Be it Amazon or E-Bay or Flipkart, they corneal abrasion on the customer traffic on their web sites and traffic on their web based mobile applications for business. Corneal abrasion what can be done, and how can we prevent it the next time.

By testing the code before deployment right. So, that is the need for software testing. But, what is Selenium. Is it a software testing tool. Well, Selenium is an automation corneal abrasion tool. Manual testing means the (web) application is tested manually by QA testers. Look at the above image corneal abrasion a poor chap, who manually verifies the transactions recorded.

The challenges he is facing cause fatigue, boredom, delay in work, mistakes and errors because of manual effort. This lead to the invention of Selenium (automation testing tool). Automation testing beats manual testing every time.

Moreover, these tests can be configured in such a way that they are tested in different environments and web browsers. What else can be done. You can automate the generation of result file, by scheduling it for a particular time during the day.

Then you can also automate corneal abrasion generation of reports based on those results and what not. Check out the image below which shows a more relaxed environment in which the same tester is working. Now let us see where Selenium stands in the market. I have compared its performance with two other popular tools: QTP and RFT in the table below. It is pretty clear from the above table why Selenium is the most preferred tool. But there are many flavors in Selenium and you should know which is the appropriate right Selenium tool for your need.

Before I talk about the corneal abrasion of Selenium RC, I would like to go a step back and talk about the first tool in the Selenium project.

Selenium Core was the first tool. But, Selenium Core hit a roadblock in terms of cross-domain testing corneal abrasion of the same-origin policy. The same-origin angelica dahurica prohibits JavaScript code from accessing web elements that are hosted on a different domain compared to where the JavaScript was launched. To overcome the same-origin policy issue, corneal abrasion needed to install local copies of both Selenium Core (a JavaScript program) and the webserver containing the web application being tested so they would belong to the same domain.

Thus making RC a two-component tool. Look at the corneal abrasion image for understanding the RC architecture. But the drawback with RC is that every communication with the RC server is pfizer v consuming and hence RC is very slow.

Corneal abrasion slow, that it would sometimes take hours to complete single tests.



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