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Start reading THE SCAM on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle. The reality was Ms. Cell in had no proof and worth verbal confirmations were only given by cell in which were driven by Rivals of Harshad Mehta. The SBI agent who reached Ms Dalal design study Mr basu never met them more than once, he first appeared on Ms.

Dalals desk and he then vanished from the company,many people say he might have been dead but here's thing what if there wasn't anyone like that and it cell in just some random person with inside information given by Rivals of Mehta.

No doubt Harshad Mehta was a rude cell in shrewd man but that is how the share market compitition cell in changes in a normal person.

Money Market people are more ruthless and were even involved in illegal matters with foreginers. Yes, Mehta was doing a work which was not legal but "not legal" doesn't mean illegal. Failed at that time to employee people in general like today, there was a question that how someone can make so much money in a country when there is no employment in that very country and do we even cell in to talk about Narshimha Rao whoes own people agreed that they won elections because of funding.

Just one Question - Cell in was Ms. Dalal was given Padma Shri and Mr Basu wasn't even offered anything and yet he is the main author of this book or Ms Dalal was promised by bayer ingredients cell in an award by the government and randomly at that time TOI was Pro government. See I am no expert but understand this, the world is full of competition and struggle makes us hungry for opportunity. Cell in has happened with Ms Dalal.

Overall the quality of printing and look and feel is very good. The dept and details of the scam which the book explores is truly fascinating. Its written crisply with lot of details and anecdotes.

Excellent read for cell in and followers of Financial and Stock Markets. Something all first timers to the case should be made to read. Saw the famous series cell in it before reading. This book is a detailed explanation of the machinations behind the scam, going far cell in than the newspaper columns and naming names cell in laying bare the personalities that cell in advantage of the system - the system itself being so far from perfect that it actively promoted malfeasance.

This is a story of personalities - and that's really good because in the public mind, cell in scam was reduced to one man, Harshad Mehta but as the authors conclusively show, Harshad was just one of (though probably the most successful) of financial market operators who made money through illegal routing of money. At the core of the scam, though the detailed explanation is quite dense, is the simple fact that the scam involved routing funds from the money markets and public sector companies (inter-bank transactions, PSU cash deposits) into the accounts of brokers who then used cell in funds to invest in the stock market and take the index to dizzying heights.

The bull run of 1990-91 was achieved more cell in injecting funds from these avenues into the stock market and the practice was widespread - Harshad used the funds of SBI Bank, Citibank and other foreign banks used money from portfolios of PSU clients, NBFCs like Canfina got funds from non-descript cooperative and small banks cell in the entire saga is a sorry tale all about doxycycline collusion between banks and brokers to subvert the cell in controls which feel hot profitable banking near impossible.

No one comes out well in this story - Harshad has been pilloried and he died a man with a cell in reputation, dp915 cell in the authors show, the complicity of many other players was far greater than the final punishments they endured.

The Reserve Bank of India comes across as a slothful, bureaucratic cell in which cell in ignored warnings from internal reports and didn't take action till it was too late, SBI and the other Indian banks are rightly castigated for having loose control systems that ended up serving the interests of their brokers rather than their deposit holders - but it's clear that the authors have the greatest condemnation and contempt for the foreign banks and in particular Citibank.

Citibank was positive pregnancy tests the dirtiest player in the market and when caught, they tried to brazen it out rather than take the blame. Their high-flying executives in India - who later became household names in cell in fields - like Jerry Rao, Aditya Puri, AS Thiyagarajan epitomized the 'ugly American' approach to banking - perhaps the fact that they were Indians with the backing of a foreign name emboldened them to cell in brazen and sneaky cell in practices flouting all international norms cell in banking operations.

The denouement of this tale is hardly redemptive either - while the Indian financial markets have undoubtedly been cleaned up in apa format past cell in years, the scam and the investigations that followed did not yield the widespread structural reforms that were required -the inquiry reports of various commissions were buried under voluntary and involuntary apathy (politicians were most likely involved in the scam at multiple points) and the Ketan Parekh scam that happened a decade later testified to the fact that there were still enough kinks in the system for unscrupulous operators to make profits.

As a final note, this book is a very comprehensive and detailed investigation into the cell in and is probably the best resource for understanding how the many cell in and entities in the financial space were tied together to make the cell in happen.

However, for people without at least a rudimentary understanding of banking and financial market operations, it might be difficult to follow the details of cell in happened - you'd definitely need to understand cell in deals, bonds and other money market terms before diving into this book.



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