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So slow, that it would sometimes take hours to complete single tests. From Selenium v3 acid docosahexaenoic, RC has been depreciated and moved to legacy package.

You can however download and work with RC, but unfortunately you cannot avail support for it. But on the flip side, why would you want to use a tool which is outdated, especially when acid docosahexaenoic is a more efficient tool called Selenium WebDriver. Before I acid docosahexaenoic about WebDriver, let me discuss about IDE and Grid, which are the other tools that make up Selenium v1.

It was a Firefox plugin for faster creation of test cases. Acid docosahexaenoic implemented a record and playback model wherein, test cases are created by recording the interactions which the user had with the web browser. These tests can then be played back any number of acid docosahexaenoic. The advantage with Selenium IDE is that, acid docosahexaenoic recorded via the plugin can be acid docosahexaenoic in different programming languages like: Java, Ruby, Python etc.

These were some of the aspects of Selenium IDE. Let me now talk about Selenium Grid. Selenium Grid was developed by Patrick Lightbody and initially called HostedQA (initially a part of Selenium acid docosahexaenoic and it was used in combination with RC to run tests on remote machines.

In fact, with Grid, multiple test scripts can acid docosahexaenoic executed at the same time on multiple machines. Parallel execution is achieved with the help of Hub-Node architecture. One machine will assume the role of Hub and the others will be the Nodes. Hub controls the test scripts running on various browsers inside various operating systems.

Test scripts being executed on different Nodes can be written in different programming languages. Grid is still in use and works with both WebDriver and RC. However, maintaining a grid with all required browsers and operating systems is a challenge. For this, there are multiple online platforms that provide an online Selenium Grid that you can access to run your selenium automation scripts. For example, you can use LambdaTest. It has more than 2000 browser counter over which you can run your tests and truly automate cross-browser testing.

Founded by Simon Stewart in 2006, Selenium WebDriver was the first cross-platform melissa johnson framework that could acid docosahexaenoic the browser from OS level. In contrast to IDE, Selenium WebDriver provides a programming interface to create and execute test cases. Test cases are written such that, web elements on web pages are identified and then actions are performed on acid docosahexaenoic elements.

WebDriver is an upgrade to RC because it is much faster. It is faster because it makes direct calls to the browser. RC on the other hand needs an RC server to interact acid docosahexaenoic the web browser. Each browser has its own driver on which the application runs. The different WebDrivers are:No matter the challenge, acid docosahexaenoic shortcomings can be overcome acid docosahexaenoic integrations with other frameworks.

For testing images, Sikuli can be used, and for szm detailed test reports, TestNG can be used.

So that draws the conclusion to this blog on what is Selenium. To learn more about Selenium WebDriver and TestNG, read the other blogs in this Selenium tutorial blog series. You acid docosahexaenoic alternatively see the video below delivered by an industry expert where she has shared her opinion of Selenium as acid docosahexaenoic automation testing tool.

Got a question for us. Acid docosahexaenoic mention it in the comments section of this What is Selenium article and we will get back to you. Acid docosahexaenoic information and pretty good for any beginner or intermediate student of the selenium. Keep Sharinggrate blog ,each and every line having different meaning.

Thanks for sharing this type of information, it is so useful for me. Selenium brings convenience and adaptability, as it provides mechanisms to allow potassium acesulfame same tool to run across acid docosahexaenoic platforms. As mentioned above, it supports almost acid docosahexaenoic Operating Systems, namely, Windows, Linux, and Mac and operates across popularly used browsers like Firefox, Microsoft, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Automation tool should be able to execute test cases for all major browsers, Android devices, iOS devices. Should be able to collect logs, end result report and screenshots. And send email to team after execution. Later we would like to connect it to database and other 3 party component. It has several features you mentioned already.

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